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Wednesday: Slimmed down Windows 11 for schools, Anonymous hacking Hildmann providers

The success of Chromebooks with Chrome OS during the pandemic appears to have fueled Microsoft. Now, with Windows 11 SE, a slim version of the new operating system has been introduced for school children and educational institutions. On the other hand, Anonymous hacked more than planned, namely an entire hosting provider instead of just Attila Hildmann’s website – the most important news in brief.

Microsoft has with Windows 11 SE introduced a new version of its recently launched Windows 11 operating system. Windows 11 SE is on ease of use and educational tasks tailored. The new operating system version is only supposed to on cheap school notebooks to be got. That Surface Laptop SE for $ 249 serves as Microsoft’s model of Windows 11 SE for inexpensive school notebooks.

The website of the political right wing, conspiracy theorist and vegan cook gained some prominence Attila Hildmann was again taken over by Anonymous. The hackers scanned the sites for security gaps and found a vulnerable Joomla installation. This was initially sealed off, but through the root access to all databases it was now the complete hosting provider factually open: Anonymous hacks Attila Hildmann’s provider.

the Rolls Royce Group wants Small modular reactor build, too “Mini nuclear power plantFor the development program, within three years of inclusive government funding, almost half a billion euros ready. With this, the company wants the “next generation inexpensive, low-carbon atomic energy technology and deliver on a large scale. “Rolls-Royce wants to start with the construction of the mini-nuclear power plant, which is due to go online in the early 2030s.

These plans are consistent with one of the EU commission planned regulation by which Nuclear power in terms of climate protection as classified as eligible for funding could be. The head of the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management sees the danger that it is needed Innovations and investments in renewable energies would not be done so extensively if nuclear power is also used: Investments in nuclear power as a threat to renewables.

That Court of the EU decide on one this Wednesday Billion dollar competition penalty at the expense of Google. According to the EU Commission, the Internet giant has exploited its dominant position to have given its price comparison service Google Shopping an unlawful advantage. Google had filed a lawsuit against the EU antitrust watchdog’s fine of 2.42 billion euros, which had already been imposed in 2017.

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