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Wednesday: SETI signals, planet search, Xperia camera, DDoS attacks & app leaks

The search for alien life often brings researchers home. This also applies to the mysterious signals that do not have their origin in another solar system, but rather originate from a broken electronic device in the vicinity of the telescope. Researchers did not find the ninth planet in our system at all, but at least narrowed down the search – the most important messages at a glance.

A mysterious signal, that from the Proxima Centauri star system seemed to come, has his Origin on earth. However, it remains unclear what exactly it was. A research team came to this conclusion after a detailed analysis. The signals probably go back to a single broken electronic device: Mysterious signal from Proxima Centauri has its origin on earth.

Two don’t look that far out Astronomerswho have been looking for a looking for the ninth planet on the edge of the solar system. These have now narrowed down where it should be found and how others can search for it. They have not yet found the hypothetical ninth planet with six times the mass of Earth, but the astronomers clearly narrow the search area.

A smartphone camera shouldn’t help much in the search for planets, but Sony brings with the Xperia PRO-I in December a cell phone hit the market, which in particular Camera enthusiast should make you happy. Sony continues its cooperation with the optics specialists from Zeiss away. The Xperia PRO-I is a new Sony smartphone with an extraordinary camera and is aimed at ambitious photographers and cell phone filmmakers.

On several Email provider have been for a few days DDoS attacks drove. Due to the attacks that followed with Pecuniary claims went hand in hand, it partly came about Network disturbances and limited accessibility of the corresponding services due to increased data traffic. The attackers are demanding bitcoins from various email providers.

A completely different attack, namely privacy, is that systematic recording of movement profiles with smartphones. New research shows that even Apps that appear harmless systematic detailed such as barcode scanners, GPS speedometers or weather apps Collect movement histories and even upload them if users object: popular apps leak motion profiles.

Also important:

  • The worst enemies of data protection are “honored” with Big Brother Awards. Daniel AJ Sokolov watched the 23rd edition in Austria. In his comment he comes to the conclusion that the Big Brother Awards Austria are getting old.
  • Whether goods or children, cargo bikes are being used more and more. This is also evident in sales, as our infographic on the statistics of the week shows: cargo bikes are booming in Germany.
  • US President Biden proposes Jessica Rosenworcel as the new chairman of the telecom regulator FCC. If the US Senate confirms this, she will be the first woman in this influential role.
  • Today the Association of Providers of Telecommunications and Value Added Services declares. V. in the event “5G Masters: 1 & 1 x Rakuten x OpenRAN”, what we can expect from the 4th network operator in the German mobile communications market.


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