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Wednesday: Apple takes spyware developers to court, new electric two-wheelers ’22

The Pegasus spyware on iPhones prompted Apple to take legal action against the developers of this surveillance software. The software manufacturer is not aware of any guilt, because he only delivers to governments and state authorities. On the other hand, the new electric two-wheelers from Niu will be freely available on the market – a brief overview of the most important news.

Whatsapp also works Apple in court against the software manufacturer NSO Group before the Spy software how Pegasus for, among other iPhones offers. The NSO Group must be held responsible for “the monitoring of and targeted attack on Apple users,” it says. At the same time, Apple praises Millions for security researchers the end. But first Apple is suing the NSO Group for Pegasus spyware.

Niu is not yet as well known as Apple, but is one of the better-known manufacturers of Electric scooters on the market. Now the company has its new models presented for the coming year. One is particularly exciting Concept vehicle with hybrid drive, but are also new to the range E-scooters and pedelecs: New electric fleet from Niu with bikes, scooters and scooters is rolling in.

Germany’s largest electricity supplier does not want these new electric two-wheelers Eon of the energy transition benefit and for that in the next five years Invest 27 billion euros. The money will mainly be in the Expansion of the power grids flow. Eon also plans to add more in the next few years renewable energy to connect to their own networks. With the massive network expansion, Eon wants to become bigger and more digital.

The Eon network does not yet extend to the moon, therefore needed the planned Lunar base her own Energy source, regardless of the sun. Now NASA is asking companies to Proposals for a moon nuclear reactor. The small power plants should be able to supply energy autonomously on a lander or a rover. At the same time, NASA has increased its requirements for the electricity to be supplied for the return to the moon: NASA is asking for concepts for a small nuclear reactor.

There is none on the moon yet Coronavirus, but with the new version of the Infection Protection Act the Bundestag sends a clear signal Change of local corona protection regulations. If states or municipalities provide for possible contacts to be determined using check-ins in the event of an infection, this is now also the case not just with the Luca app possible: Bundestag recommends the Corona warning app for contact tracking.

Also important:

  • Reddit did not buy the Dubsmash short video app until the end of 2020, but Reddit will soon be closing the Dubsmash video platform and integrating its technology into its own app. From February 2022, creative filmmakers should use Reddit themselves.
  • Conversations with the late John McAfee lead to a book that will appear between the years: “NO DOMAIN, The John McAfee tapes” by Mark Eglinton. The film rights have already been sold.
  • The day after tomorrow, the City of Vienna, the Federal Computing Center, Danube University Krems and the Chaos Computer Club are organizing under the motto “Nobody is left behind. Or?” together the 12th govcamp vienna, which takes place purely online. Interested parties from civil society as well as representatives from administration, politics, science and business are invited to take part in the open Barcamp discussion format virtually at barcamps.eu/govcamp-vienna-2021/.


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