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Update for Windows 11 brings back the blue screen

Microsoft has prepared the next patch for the new Windows 11 operating system. This update fixes, among other things, some display errors in the user interface, problems with Bluetooth audio, with 32-bit apps and with printers. There is also a cosmetic change hidden in the long list of bug fixes: The notorious error message after an operating system crash will be blue again in the future.

Windows 11 has also changed the color of the crash screen – from blue to black, along with many obvious user interface customizations compared to Windows 10. This was the first change to the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) since Microsoft introduced the sad smiley face in the Windows 8 BSOD in 2012. With Windows 11 the blue screen became a black screen.

The update KB5007262 not only brings the version number of Windows 11 back to 22000.346, but also brings back the blue screen. Microsoft explains in own Windows blog: “We changed the screen color to blue when a device stopped working or a stop error occurred, like in previous versions of Windows.”

After the release of Windows 11 at the beginning of October 2021, Microsoft already released a few updates – not always with significant improvements. In October, the first round of patches further worsened the performance with Ryzen CPUs. In November Microsoft pushed another Ryzen patch, again with problems.

The new patch for Windows 11 is already available to participants in the Beta and Insider programs. The update is usually released to the public a few days or weeks later, so the blue screen will return shortly for all systems with Windows 11.


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