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Tuesday: US government wants to regulate stablecoin, Dr. Google is misdirecting

The US government warns of unregulated stablecoins and calls for a law. Otherwise, the value proposition may not keep. The Nicaraguan government has been defiling the opposition in social networks for years. Meta noticed it after three and a half years. A brief overview of the most important messages.

Cryptocurrency investors have been claiming for some time that the Stablecoin Tether is used to manipulate the price of Bitcoin. Accordingly, tethers would be issued in US dollars without the promised coverage and then used to buy bitcoins. The Bitcoin course would therefore be artificially inflated. this threatens financial stability. Because of their rapid growth, stablecoins have caught the attention of authorities. Now the US government is calling for a law to regulate stablecoins.

Meta (formerly Facebook) reveals that Nicaraguan authorities are paying homage to their President Daniel Ortega and his Sandinista party under different guises Dragging the opposition through the mud – since April 2018. That secret state propaganda network also runs on YouTube, Twitter, Blogspot, TikTok and other websites. Now Meta has deleted 1,300 Nicaraguan government propaganda accounts.

If the police suspect someone is under the influence of marijuana, they want it THC can be demonstrated using urine, blood or sweat samples. The result only comes after days – even with so-called urine rapid tests. That could change. A new quick test detects THC in a few minutes.

Lots of people with health problems query search engines like Google or Yandex. However, the preview of search results often contains incorrect or inadequate information. Information on home remedies is particularly problematic or so-called alternative treatment options. Therefore: Ask Dr. Google – better not.

Also important:

  • While normal time now applies in most of Europe, the clocks in North America are mostly still set to summer time. There is only a change – if at all – during the night to Sunday.


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