Our Team

The Fox World Media platform covers you up and also keeps you updated about the products that you may already be using. Here’s the team that makes all of it happen:

Everly Wilson – Founder

Everly Wilson became the entrepreneur of the year even before she graduated from college. TechDaily magazine awarded her this prestigious title when she was only 22 years old. She founded the foxworldmedia.com platform in her sophomore year and has never looked back since.

Unlike other tech entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, she does not believe in jumping from one startup to another. She has worked on the same Fox World Media platform ever since her college days. This gives her the edge over her competitors as she has seen not only the internet grow but the whole evolution of the tech review space. Experts believe that this has helped her to always stay two steps ahead of her rival platforms.

Everly plans to disrupt the product review system even further, with the advent of unprecedented technology making its way into our lives, she feels her and her company’s responsibility increases even more now.

Matthew King – Writer

With a double Diploma in writing as well as Artificial Intelligence from Yale University, Matthew King is the Content head at Fox World Media. He has handpicked his team and has been able to attract many talented graduates from Ivy League schools to work for him.

Matthew has built a reputation for himself by becoming the most sought-after content writer during his early 20s, it was during this period that foxworldmedia.com hired him and now at the age of 32, his journey at the company seems to be going quite strong.

All the content published has to pass the Matthew test which has three Cs: crisp, clear, convenient. The focus for him has been to make the content accessible as he believes a lot of tech content on the internet today is highly obscure.

He motivates his young group of writers to engage with the product and immerse themselves in the tech behind it. This has yielded some fantastic results and has made him and his team talk of the town with magazines like TodayTech, Tech Pro, The Technology Journal, and so many others who have featured his team and studied their approach.