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Sudan: Reports of military coup – Internet blocked

According to consistent media reports, there was a military coup in Sudan, in the course of which access to the Internet was apparently largely cut off. According to the watchdog organization Netblocks, mobile connections and some landline connections at various providers are affected. The blockade will likely hinder the free flow of information and reporting on what is happening in the East African country, says Netblocks. Because it is a block on the network level, it cannot simply be bypassed with special software such as a VPN service.

According to various media reports, Prime Minister Abdullah Hamduk was placed under house arrest and several members of the government were arrested. Who exactly is responsible for this is unknown writes the BBC. According to a statement, “united forces of the military” are behind the coup. Meanwhile, pro-democracy organizations have called for protests against the coup. According to eyewitness reports, the sky over the capital has turned black because tires are burned at demonstrations, writes the dpa. Show videos shared on Twitter Protests against the attempted takeover of power by the military.

Sudan was ruled by Omar al-Bashir for almost three decades, until the ruler sought by the International Criminal Court was driven out of office in April 2019 by months of mass protests and a military coup. The army then agreed with the civilian opposition on a joint transitional government that would pave the way for elections. According to government information, however, there was an attempted coup on September 21, accusing supporters of the former president. Since then, the political situation in Sudan had worsened. Protests had called for the military to withdraw from the transitional government and for democratic reforms.


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