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Study: One in eight fears for their own job due to digitization

According to a new survey, around every eighth employee in Germany fears for their own job because of the ongoing digitization in the world of work. Twelve percent of those surveyed expressed concern in a job study by the consulting firm EY that their jobs could be endangered in the future as a result of new technological developments. In contrast, 88 percent of those surveyed did not raise any concerns in this regard. The study was available to the German Press Agency in Stuttgart on Monday.

EY conducts surveys of this type on a regular basis. Noticeable: two years ago, i.e. before the corona pandemic, the proportion of employees worried about their own jobs due to digitization was even slightly higher at 13 percent. Four years ago (7 percent), however, the uncertainty was much less pronounced.

If you break down the question of technologically based job fears to individual economic sectors, the banking, real estate and insurance industries stand out in particular. Every fifth employee in this area (20 percent) is worried about their own job because of technological advances. In the auto industry it is 19 percent, in mechanical and plant engineering it is 17 percent. In comparison, employees from the health sector, for example, have few concerns (8 percent).

After all, more than every third employee (36 percent) stated that new technologies had already replaced parts of their own work in the past – every twentieth employee even spoke of a “considerable scope”. Broken down into economic sectors, employees from the banking, real estate and insurance industries (46 percent) most frequently stated that minor or significant parts of their former work had meanwhile been technically replaced. This is followed by the telecommunications / IT sector (42 percent) and the automotive industry (40 percent).

For the study, according to EY, a total of 1552 employees in Germany were surveyed by the market research institute Teleresearch from a representative point of view. This is the fourth edition of this job study after 2015, 2017 and 2019. Questions including: “Are you worried that your job could be at risk in the future as a result of new technological developments?”; “Have new technologies replaced parts of your work in the past?”


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