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Statistics of the week: Growing sales of household robots

According to an estimate by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), 31.2 million household robots will be sold worldwide in 2021. The corresponding sales amount to 6.7 billion US dollars.

Statistics of the week


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According to Statista Digital Markets Outlook, the entire German market for smart home applications has a similar volume – of which 2.1 billion US dollars are accounted for by smart household appliances. A current study by Bitkom Research shows how widespread networked technology is in Germany: 41 percent of the participants stated that they use smart devices at home.

However, household robots are not yet one of the most widespread applications, as the current Statista graphic shows. These are currently smart lighting, video surveillance and alarm systems. Robot hoovers are used in 13 percent of households, three percent entrust their windows to a window cleaner robot. The survey did not explicitly ask about robotic lawn mowers. However, smart garden tools have a share of 16 percent.

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