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Sony: Playstation manufacturer sued for discrimination

A former employee accuses Sony Interactive Entertainment of discriminating against female employees: As a woman, she was paid less at the Playstation manufacturer than men in the same position, claims Emma Majo. In addition, advancement opportunities for women were worse. In California, the IT security analyst previously employed by Sony has now filed a lawsuit against her former employer.

The plaintiff is seeking a class action lawsuit, so that other affected parties can join. The trial will take place in a California court, where the US headquarters of her former employer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is located. The company belongs to the Sony group and is responsible for the development of the Playstation and the associated first-party games.

The applicant worked according to the US news site Axios published Application at Sony between 2015 and 2021. During this time, she asked several times about career opportunities, but got no answers. Other women are also said to have had a hard time getting up in the company. The lawsuit indicates that all members of the company’s 2020 board were male.

In the complaint, Majo also reports sexist comments she heard from male Sony managers. They are said to have portrayed women as emotional and less professional than men. Majo finally described her experience with sexual discrimination in a statement to the company. She was released shortly afterwards. Officially, Sony justified this with the closure of a department in which Majo did not work.

Sony has not yet commented on the allegations and the lawsuit. SIE boss Jim Ryan had criticized the game company Activision Blizzard a few days ago, which had been sued for extensive allegations of abuse. In an internal email to employees, Ryan said Activision had not done enough to address a work culture of discrimination and harassment.


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