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“Pikmin Bloom”: Niantic’s new AR game soon on iOS and Android

Niantic is releasing its new AR game “Pikmin Bloom”. Like “Pokémon Go”, it was created in collaboration with Nintendo. The title was developed by the Tokyo department of Niantic, which was founded in 2018 and is now releasing its first video game.

“Pikmin Bloom” will soon be available for download in the Android Play Store and on iOS. When exactly this would happen remained open for the time being: In Australia and Singapore you should be able to download the game, in other markets it should be activated in the coming days. The title can be played for free.

Like previous Niantic games, Pikmin Bloom is designed to encourage running. The central play element is a daily walk where you can collect the small plant creatures. You can also pick plants while walking and throw them to the Pikmins to eat.

As with fitness applications, the app then shows the number of steps you have taken. You should also be able to store notes and photos in a diary. Niantic also promises a monthly community day on which players can meet. The Pikmin plant beings can be examined in an AR view in the real environment.

“Pikmin Bloom” follows titles such as “Pokémon Go” and “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”, which seduce people into activity with augmented reality and gamification. The eponymous Pikmin are like the Pokémon a creation by Nintendo. In the various Pikmin games published so far, you use the small plant creatures to solve puzzles and fight opponents. They play as a mixture of strategy game, platformer and puzzle game. So far there are four main games in the “Pikmin” series, some of which have been reissued several times.


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