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Online workshop: Programming reactive streams with RxJava

Reactive streams come with the promise to make architectural goals of software development such as scalability, resilience, availability and maintainability achievable. To this end, the Reactive Manifesto postulates an architecture style that combines the loose coupling of the components of a distributed system with individual and continuous supply of all clients with specific data streams.

Today, the reactive streams paradigm is the basis for APIs in a wide variety of fields of application, from Netflix APIs to database and network interfaces. With the flow class, it has also found its way into the JDK. In short: It is part of the basic knowledge of experienced developers.

In the two day iX workshop reactive streams programming with RxJava On November 18th and 19th, developers and system architects will learn how to work with reactive streams using the extensive RxJava library. A basic understanding of Java language is required to participate. The speaker Marwan Abu-Khalil is himself a senior software architect for parallel and distributed systems at Siemens. The workshop takes place online; an up-to-date browser is sufficient to participate. The limitation to 15 participants also allows a close exchange with the speaker and offers space for questions.

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