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Netflix: Children at daycare centers and schools play “Squid Game”

The Netflix hit “Squid Game” has hit schoolyards and daycare centers. “Teachers have reported that this series is also being re-enacted in their schools,” said the President of the Bavarian Teachers’ Association (BLLV), Simone Fleischmann, of the German Press Agency. Schoolchildren played series or computer games over and over again; that was completely normal. “But that already has a new quality and it causes excitement.”

The thriller series “Squid Game” is a South Korean production that tells the story of indebted people who compete against each other in deadly children’s games. The winners can look forward to high prize money, the losers are threatened with death. On Netflix, “Squid Game” launched the most successful series in the history of the streaming service.

According to media reports, there were already arguments and beatings at schools in Augsburg while the series was being re-enacted. The school office was turned on there. According to the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office (LKA), “business cards” appeared at at least three elementary and middle schools, which are an invitation to the “Squid Game”. The LKA speaks of “isolated suspicious perceptions in connection with the television series”.

According to a newspaper report, children and younger schoolchildren in the after-school care area also re-enacted the bloody Netflix series in a daycare center in Pinneberg near Hamburg. In a letter to the parents, the responsible contact person at the day care center warned against the series. It is “brutal, glorifies violence and especially disturbing for children,” quotes the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher (SHZ / Friday) from the letter.

“Hence our urgent appeal: don’t let your children see this series. Not even when you’re there.” The series has the age rating FSK 16. the BBC reportsthat British schools are also being warned against letting children watch the Netflix series.

According to the report by the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper publisher, daycare teachers took notice when the children said to each other at the end of a game: “I’ll kill you”. “You cause emotional harm to your children if you let them see something like this,” warns the contact person responsible for parenting in the letter.


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