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Monday: Corona numbers bring home office back and Bitcoin gets an update

Despite actually good vaccination rates, the number of coronavirus infections is rising to unprecedented heights and politics is looking for solutions. Now the home office obligation is to come back as well as a 3-G regulation at the workplace. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is becoming more anonymous and faster after a much-anticipated update – the most important messages at a glance.

In view of the continuing strong increase Coronavirus infection numbers the previous Federal Minister of Labor is planning another one Obligation to work in the home office to introduce. A corresponding one Bill should already be available to the parties in coalition negotiations, the SPD, FDP and Greens. According to plans by the Minister of Labor, in addition to the home office obligation, a 3-G rule at the workplace should also come.

She has also planned a lot Bitcoin-Scene with the first major upgrade since 2017that brings more privacy, less storage requirements and lower costs. The sweeping change called “Taproot“had already been proposed in 2018. Even then, the goal was more anonymity and efficiency. A German’s encryption technology plays a crucial role. The Taproot update was activated early on Sunday morning, making Bitcoin more anonymous and faster.

Deliveries on the part of the company should also be faster Amazon through digital support. But now it is Amazon sued, where the The Group’s IT system for monitoring deliverers with is in the pillory. The plaintiff puts priority on the key role of Algorithms with which the wholesalers den Operation controlled. After an accident with an Amazon delivery truck, the person concerned sits in a wheelchair. Now the seriously injured is suing Amazon in the USA for algorithmic driver control.

Speed ​​wasn’t the goal of today’s developers 50 years ago introduced Intel 4004, of world’s first microprocessor on a single piece of silicon. However, it was more compact and consumed much less power than processors previously used, in which many logic ICs were combined into arithmetic units. This single-chip microprocessor and its successors 8008, 8080 and 8086 laid the Foundation stone for the digital revolution. It all started with the Intel 4004: The microprocessor is 50 years old.

Many corona-unvaccinated people distrust the genetic vaccines approved in this country because they have not been adequately tested. This leads to the current vaccination pick. So far, the traditionally made Chinese vaccines against Covid-19although this one good effectiveness offer and possibly compare it to the genetic vaccines less severe side effects and vaccination complications give. Telepolis sheds light on traditional Covid-19 vaccines from China: What do we know about effectiveness and serious side effects?

Also important:

  • Microsoft’s next bug fix for the new operating system fixes some display and audio problems. This also includes changing the color of the error message. The update for Windows 11 brings back the blue screen.
  • US President Joe Biden and China’s Head of State Xi Jinping will speak at a video conference today on how to deal responsibly with competition between the two countries, a White House spokesman said. Taiwan will also be an issue.
  • Under the motto “Nobody stays behind. Or?” The City of Vienna, the Federal Computing Center, Danube University Krems and the Chaos Computer Club are jointly organizing the 12th govcamp vienna on November 26th. Interested parties from civil society as well as representatives from administration, politics, science and business are invited to take part in the open Barcamp discussion format virtually at barcamps.eu/govcamp-vienna-2021/.


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