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Memory leaks in macOS 12

After updating to macOS 12 alias Monterey, users complain about applications that use significantly more RAM than usual. Apparently there are memory leaks in the system due to one or more bugs. According to reports in several forums, programs included in macOS such as the control center as well as third-party apps such as Firefox are affected. Sometimes so much RAM is used that the system spits out the error message that the application memory has been completely used up.

Monterey had officially arrived at the end of October. The current version is 12.0.1, but Apple is already working on version 12.1, of which a beta is already available. It is still unclear whether it will solve the problem. The According to reports For example, the control center, which is a system service, occupies 10 or even 20 GByte for some users, according to the information in the system information. Firefox, already known as a memory hog under earlier operating systems, sometimes grabs 80 GB and more. To classify: The latest Macs with the M1-Max chip come with up to 64 GB of physical RAM. Other apps that take up too much memory are Pages and the Apple browser Safari – all of which suggests that these are not specific app problems, but one Monterey-wide bug.

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There is currently no direct remedy. Users can try the appropriate apps via the activity monitor to find and then quit, but sometimes the memory hog just repeats itself. A restart of the system is also an option, but this does not last long.

The memory leak isn’t the only current problem with macOS 12 aka Monterey. Owners of (somewhat) older machines currently also report difficulties upgrading to the new operating system. A machine from 2020 just stopped when upgrading, in other cases the boot process is not terminated after the import. Apple has not yet commented on this. (bsc)

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