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MagSafe Duo only charges Apple Watch 7 sluggishly

Anyone who bought Apple’s portable MagSafe Duo charging system last winter, which can be used to power iPhones with MagSafe and Apple Watch devices via induction at the same time, is now pretty smeared: The next generation of Apple’s smartphones and computer clocks is already there – without power supply! – Hardware that costs 150 euros is only compatible to a limited extent.

So did the manufacturer now confirmed that the fast charging function of the Apple Watch Series 7 is incompatible with the MagSafe Duo. The feature that is supposed to get the computer clock full 33 percent faster requires a new USB-C charging puck, which is simply missing in the MagSafe Duo. It doesn’t help either to connect an adequately fast USB-C power adapter to the MagSafe Duo. “Use the magnetic USB-C fast-charging cable from Apple,” writes the company succinctly – another line to think about.

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However, that’s not the only problem with the MagSafe Duo. As users noticed after the iPhone 13 Pro was released, the collapsible twin charger also causes problems with these devices. This applies when they are in a case, which many users are likely to do due to the value of smartphones. Due to the enlarged camera module, the 13 Pro suddenly runs into the area of ​​the MagSafe Duo shelf and lifts the mobile phone slightly. There is still contact with the magnet, but the imperfect contact is likely to lead to inefficiencies and, in the worst case, even to heat generation.

Always taking the iPhone 13 Pro out of the case when you want to charge it makes no sense – MagSafe shops are supposed to be used to make things as comfortable as possible, then you can simply continue to use a Lightning cable. After all, the MagSafe Duo continues to charge iPhone 13 devices at the highest speed, as Apple announced. For this, however, a sufficiently dimensioned USB-C power supply is required.

It remains unclear whether Apple will offer an adapted version of the MagSafe Duo – it would make a lot of sense. However, there was no information on the presentation of the iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch Series 7. This is reminiscent of a similar procedure with the AirPods Pro: Apple suddenly sells these with MagSafe magnets in the charging case, but does not offer them individually for subsequent purchase. If you really want MagSafe, you can throw away your old plugs. (bsc)

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