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Implementation of a sustainable agile vision | heise meets … the decision-maker talk

Agile software development means speaking to the customer internally and externally in advance and clarifying the need. Often, however, this need cannot be defined because it is about new developments. All are entering “new territory”. Only regular feedback rounds and the fact that everything has to be checked over and over again reflects willingness to learn and continuous adaptation.

“Agile development is not only an important milestone in software development, we will also have to work more agile together in the corporate world in the future,” says Jutta Eckstein, author of the book, author, software developer, trainer and coach. “We live in a VUCA world – volatile (” volatile “), uncertain (” complex “and” ambiguous “) – so it is becoming increasingly difficult to make long-term plans.” Executives need change explain more easily and eliminate possible resistance among employees through attractors. Which is not to say that autocratic decisions are no longer necessary, but hierarchies have to become more flexible.

Jutta Eckstein explains: “Sustainability rests on three pillars – ecological, economic and social aspects. One must not be achieved at the expense of the other.” According to some forecasts, IT will require around 21 percent of total energy consumption in 2030. In addition, electronic waste is created because software is developed that is no longer compatible with old hardware. A lot can and must be changed here. Jutta Eckstein complains: “The awareness of these connections is not yet everywhere.”

Several 100,000 positions are and will be vacant in the field of software development in the future. Currently, the majority of software developers are men, although 50 percent of the population are women. In order to close the gap, more women need to become enthusiastic about the profession of software developer. “The reputation and marketing for the profession of software developer is bad.” So far, the image of the freak in the cellar with the pizza box is still widespread, “says Jutta Eckstein. She would like” Hollywood to make a film in which not a single nerd saves the world, but a diverse team. “

Diversity is the key to a successful product. Therefore, in their opinion, “a greater awareness of sustainability and diversity in software development must arise in the further steps.”


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