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#heiseshow: Facebook, Meta, Metaverse – problems and goals of the platform giant

The Facebook group, which recently wanted to be called “Meta”, is currently filling the headlines even more regularly than usual. Criticism of the company’s management and the design of the Instagram and Facebook social networks were particularly reinforced by the revelations of the whistleblower Frances Haugen. In the meantime, Meta has to justify itself to the US Senate.

Whether the official change to “meta” happened by chance in this particularly delicate phase for Facebook or not, can be speculated about – but behind the term meta stands a future business area that the company has been preparing for some time.

Since the news situation on Facebook and Meta is so extensive, we want to talk about the various current construction sites of the group. What allegations does the company have to deal with since the more recent whistleblower revelations? What are the reactions of the group and regulators? How was the brand change communicated and what does the term “meta” mean? Finally, what is the metaverse that Meta is already promoting? What is the group planning to do here?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) with c’t editor Jo Bager and Marie-Claire Koch and Daniel Herbig from heise online.

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