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GitHub: Release Candidate for Enterprise Server 3.3 extends security features

The version management service GitHub has released Enterprise Server 3.3 as a release candidate. Here you can try out the new features of the upcoming version, which include the assignment of the new security manager role and another dark mode. GitHub’s commercial enterprise server can be operated both on premises and on a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

After GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 brought two new dark modes, version 3.3 also has something new to offer. The dark mode now appears optionally with high contrast. The difference is noticeable in comparison with the previous illustration:

GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3 RC brings a more contrasting dark theme.

(Image: Microsoft)

The release candidate allows a look at the new security manager role. It allows selected team members to manage security warnings and settings across organizations as well as read access to all repositories in the organization. More information about the new role provides the documentation.

The option of adding an expiration date to both existing and newly created Personal Access Tokens (PATs) is also relevant to security. GitHub Enterprise Server 3.2 introduced this option only for new PATs. When using such a token with the GitHub API, the new header now appears GitHub-Authentication-Token-Expiration to display the deactivation date of the relevant token.

Other innovations include the additional webhook workflow_job, the extension of the code analysis with CodeQL to other libraries and the starting signal for a private beta program for Dependabot.

All the details about GitHub Enterprise Server 3.3 RC are the GitHub blog as the release notes refer to.


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