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Firefox 94: New start page for the iOS and Android app

The Firefox update for November brings new features, especially for the mobile version, and provides, for example, a new start page for Android and iOS. The desktop version should have an energy-saving mode for macOS users when the browser plays videos on YouTube or Twitch in full-screen mode.

FF94 home page on Android

(Image: Firefox 94)

For iOS and Android users, the update on the home page allows you to jump back to the last active tab. This is possible by tapping on the last tab you opened, on the right via “All ads”. Recently saved bookmarks are also displayed on the home page. Recently saved desktop bookmarks are also available in the mobile browser for users with a Firefox account. Firefox 94 supports a wide range of devices from Android 5.0 and iOS 13 upwards, according to Mozilla.

For Android devices, search queries that are not older than 14 days are bundled. If you have searched for a recipe, for example, the search queries are collected and can be called up again later. This function will also be rolled out for iOS in the coming weeks.

Another tab function puts 14-day-old tabs that are not called up again into an “inactive state”. This function is initially available for Android, but will likely also be available for iOS in the coming months.

The update also includes a larger selection of topics for Pocket. Pocket users will in future be able to adapt the content displayed to them to suit their interests – initially only for Android.

Under about:addons you can choose one of six different color schemes under “Colorways” under “Themes”. These According to the current release notes, colors are only available for a limited period of time.

Fall colors for Firefox

(Image: Firefox)


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