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Employees increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs and their superiors

2021 will be the most stressful year on the job for German employees – a full 70 percent state this in a recent survey by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence. Above all, psychological problems at work affect people. At the same time, more and more employees feel that they have lost control of their professional and private lives.

Furthermore, almost all respondents used the last year to reflect on their lives and their definition of success. Above all, the compatibility of work and private life, but also their mental health and flexibility in the workplace are now the top priority for many people.

However, 63 percent believe that they are stuck at work and that this affects their personal life. A whopping 75 percent would be willing to make changes in their job – but immediately encounter obstacles: 23 percent do not know which change would make sense, 18 percent lack self-confidence, 17 percent see no growth opportunities in the company and 16 percent fail because of that Finances.

Many of the respondents would be willing to forego vacation, cash bonuses or part of their salary for a positive change. On the other hand, higher salaries are at the top of the wish list compared to employees, followed by better training opportunities and new tasks in the company. Overall, 80 percent are dissatisfied with the support from their superiors.

The survey also asked how technology could help. 77 percent would like this kind of help and, above all, would like advice on their own further development. 62 percent think that they would change their life based on AI recommendations. Furthermore, 75 percent believe that an AI can support them in their careers better than a human.

Oracle and Workplace Intelligence see the results primarily as an opportunity for employers. Investing in training and professional development could be a differentiator for companies. Furthermore, supervisors would have to help their employees to identify and develop new skills – with a personalized career path, people would again get the feeling of having their careers in their own hands.

First and foremost, however, is another result: after all, companies would benefit from a productive, committed workforce in this way.

The study was carried out by Savanta, Inc. for Oracle and Workplace Intelligence. 14,639 executives, HR managers, managers and full-time employees from 13 countries, including Germany, took part. Selected results of the study are available iX before, it can be opened after registration download from Oracle.

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