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c’t Photography 6/2021: Forest motif playground

The article gives five tips for better photos of the forest.

The forest not only offers photographers a multitude of motifs, it also presents them with great photographic challenges. Undergrowth, chaotic growth forms and lots of colors make it difficult to take orderly, atmospheric pictures. The two Dutch photographers Ellen Borggreve and Daniël Laan are masters of forest photography and give five tips in their contribution that would make photographing our forests in the cold season more palatable for you.


Fairytale shots of forest mushrooms with the magic glow effect.

Alexander Mett also finds his motifs in the forest. He stages mushrooms as if they came from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. With a macro lens and a flashlight, he creates magical shots of toadstools, honey mushrooms and Co. with a glowing glow and transforms them into cozy dwellings of fantastic creatures. Experience the forest in the current issue of c’t photography 6/2021.

Portfolio Siegfried Hansen. There are good motifs on the street. Finding you is
the art that Siegfried Hansen has mastered perfectly.

Eleven photo desk calendars tested. Photo calendars are a popular gift, especially around Christmas time. In this post, we’ll take a look at the smaller specimens. We ordered eleven desk calendars from various providers to the editorial office and compared them.

Practical tips for animal shoots. Most of the pictures of your own four-legged friends are created in familiar homes. It’s easy, convenient and safe. But it pays to leave the familiar surroundings and put your animals in the limelight in wonderful backdrops.

In the test: Fujifilm GFX50S II. With the GFX50S II, Fujifilm is opening up its medium format system to an even broader target group. Here, however, the competition from the small image warehouse is lurking.

The world from above. When viewed from above, we discover our world from a completely new perspective – full of astonishing order and fascinating shapes. Andrea Künstle shows new aspects of drone photography.

LED light for portraits. Anyone looking for a modern solution for artificial portrait lighting will quickly come across LED lamps. We introduce you to 15 interesting light sources for photographers.

Content c't photography 6/2021

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