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Connect: Facebook group is now called Meta, new high-end VR headset announced

Facebook is now called Meta. The term comes from the Greek and means “beyond”. At Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg presented the vision for his future company. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus are united under one umbrella brand. Meta is thus following the example of Google, which has been running all of its products – such as search engines, YouTube, Google Maps and others – as subsidiaries under the umbrella organization Alphabet since 2015.

The main focus of the company should be the metaverse. According to Zuckerberg, the Metaverse is intended to herald the “next evolution in the history of social technologies”. By doing The letter of foundation speaks of an “embodied internet” – an Internet in which the same and even more is possible in VR as in the real world. There people should work, learn, play, shop and be creative together with their friends and family. Zuckerberg promises “privacy from day one”.

In the metaverse, among other things, Horizon Home, virtual marketplaces, gaming platforms and workspaces are to be bundled. According to Meta, it will be years before the plans for the Metaverse are implemented. Individual elements such as messenger calls in VR and gaming, fitness, a virtual working world and Horizon Home are already included.

Announcement of Horizon Home (Source: Facebook / Meta)

Horizon Workrooms is currently already available in beta. There, colleagues can work together on presentations in the virtual room using an avatar. Other cooperation partners besides Zoom include Dropbox and Slack.

The rumors about a new VR headset that were already circulating in the run-up to the VR conference have been confirmed. Oculus is developing a high-end AR / VR headset under the code name “Project Cambria”, but it will not appear until 2022. The headset should support eye and face tracking for better facial expressions in the metaverse and offer an augmented reality mode in which RGB cameras show the real environment on the VR display and thus generate mixed reality (XR). To enable such XR experiences, Meta is working on a “presence platform” based on Passthrough API already published is.

Project Cambria (Source: Facebook / Meta)

The high-resolution XR glasses are “packed full of the latest technology”, but will also have a high-end price.

In the social media and here in the forum, the choice of names leads to puns like “metadata collecting machine”, “outside meta inside beta” and “metastasis”, which is due to the unclear situation regarding the protection of metadata on the one hand and the Facebook scandals on the other.


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