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Cloud Translation: Have company documents translated directly by the Google AI

Google is donating a few updates to its AI translation tool, Cloud Translation. The goal is to simplify the translation service while at the same time increasing flexibility and control for individual customer orders, according to the Google Cloud blog. As a paid service, Cloud Translation is primarily aimed at companies.

In the future, the translation of documents in the original layout and formatting is to take place automatically, while previously the text modules had to be separated from the rest of the layout. Google’s Translation API Advanced should be able to do this with the file formats .docx, .pptx, .xlsx and .pdf in more than 100 languages. Audio and video files, in turn, are translated by the Media Translation API or the Video Intelligence API.

Customers also have more options when it comes to the type of translation: the BLEU score, which measures the quality of AI translations based on the similarity to qualified human translations on a scale from 0 to 100, has been increased by an average of 5 points since 2019. In the case of “languages ​​with few resources” that are not mentioned in more detail, the improvement amounts to an average of 7 points. To classify: Values ​​below 10 are considered unusable, between 40 and 50 we speak of high-quality translations, values ​​over 60 are often better than human translations.

The BLEU score on Google Cloud Translation varies greatly between the languages ​​considered

(Image: Google)

In addition will offer Cloud Translation the opportunity in the futureto consider your own glossaries for fixed terms and phrases, such as product or department names. The service also allows further customization by importing your own pre-trained machine learning models. The Translation API Advanced used will in future allow a choice between different ML models. Said individual translation models can also be created directly in Google’s cloud service with the AutoML translation suite. No ML skills or programming skills are required for this.

Billing is monthly, prices are based on the amount of text that Cloud Translation translates. The exact calculation is on the provider’s website visible.

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