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Chief Financial Officer: Apple’s chip crisis continues for the time being

It rarely happens, but Apple clearly disappointed the stock market with its quarterly figures that night. By 1.5 billion and 2.7 billion US dollars, respectively, Apple missed the sales forecasts of the company as a whole and those of the iPhone. This led, among other things, to the fact that the shares are currently more than 3 percent in the red before the market.

According to the group, the reason for the problems is not the weakening demand, but rather the fact that the company cannot produce enough units. According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple allegedly whistled $ 6 billion in sales. The iPhone 13 seems to be particularly affected, i.e. the Group’s somewhat cheaper 2021 smartphone. The outlook is also not rosy: As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Luca Maestri announced to analysts, the problematic situation will continue in the current, particularly important Christmas quarter.

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In the current quarter, the negative effect will be even greater, warned the CFO. This applies in particular to the iPhone, where there should be even lower sales. In all other sectors, however, growth is to be expected, although “pretty much all products are affected,” added Cook. Furthermore, Apple does not seem immune to logistics problems that affect numerous industries, even if the company spends enormous amounts of money, for example, to charter its own aircraft. “We see a significant increase in transportation costs,” Cook told the analysts.

For a long time, Apple had managed to receive preferential treatment through early and, above all, huge orders from component manufacturers. But now the chip crisis seems to have hit the company too. Nevertheless, Apple grew in all branches, for example the Mac recorded the highest quarterly sales of all time. Half of the clientele are buying an iPad and / or Mac for the first time, according to the management team.

Cook and Maestri were positive about the effects of the corona pandemic. They are now almost no longer available in the supply chain. Interestingly, this is where most of the problems with older hardware are. While Apple’s chip production at TSMC with current A and M chips is apparently running at full speed, manufacturers of older components cannot deliver them or can only deliver them with a delay. (bsc)

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