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3 Books on World Issues That Aren’t Making Headlines, But Should

April 30, 2020

Have you noticed how some topics make news headlines, and some barely get the screen time they deserve? With media channels grappling to get your attention, some issues get pushed onto the sidelines. These are matters affecting the daily livelihood of people in remote places and global economies. Here are three books that cover those […]

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Gino Pozzo: When Business Meets Passion in Football

March 13, 2020

Gino Pozzo, owner of UK-based Watford Football Club, and co-owner with his family of the Udinese Calcio Club in Italy, was born to live, eat, and breathe football.  Born in Udine, Italy, to parents Giampaolo and Giuliana Pozzo, two die-hard football enthusiasts who had a lifelong loyalty to the Udinese Calcio Football Club, Gino was […]

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Find Out Now, Ditch the Wires, Get Lightning Fast MAGFAST Charging

February 27, 2020

The MAGFAST family of chargers is a growing trend today, a complete solution to messy, wire-laden options. For the longest time, there’s been an outcry for frustration-free charging, but until now, it was only an idea. A multipurpose resource; this powerful universal charging kit meets every need, whether traveling by sea, air, car, foot or […]

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Industry Leader Shipping Agent: Inchcape Shipping Services

February 19, 2020

As a worldwide leader in port agency and marine services, Inchcape Shipping Services has 270 offices covering over 68 countries and 2,900 professional staff. Inchcape’s company vision is to have a connected world, in which their clients are able to trade successfully and seamlessly. Inchcape Shipping Services traces its root back to Calcutta, India in […]

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MAGFAST: The Company That Is Revolutionizing Charging

January 28, 2020

Using chargers is something that most people have to do every day. However, despite the fact that chargers are used so frequently, many people deal with issues such as slow charges, tangled wires, not being able to see on the charger how charged their phone is, and other concerns. For the last few years, one […]

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The Evolution of the RealReal and the Fashion Insight that’s Keeping it There

January 5, 2020

 Founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, the RealReal is a consignment company that has both a brick and mortar and online presence. The store has three retail locations located in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as pop-ups in San Francisco and Las Vegas. The company has had a partnership with Stella McCartney, […]

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Prosecution’s Grand Narrative in Mozambique ‘Tuna Boat’ Case Collapses

November 29, 2019

Prosecution’s Grand Narrative in Mozambique ‘Tuna Boat’ Case Collapses By Gil Kapen The government’s fraud and money-laundering case against Jean Boustani, a Lebanese boat salesman, has not lived up to its billing. Despite prosecutors’ promise of a vast conspiracy, Boustani now stands accused, in effect, of being a lone conspirator. Meanwhile, his alleged partners in […]

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