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Berlin district office exposes participants of the “Fuck 2-4-1” party in Berghain

This WTF message almost writes itself: Embarrassing fuck-up in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district office in Berlin. In the middle of the week, the authorities had to admit an intimate data breach that affected the exuberant visitors to the “Friday Fuck 2-4-1” party in what is probably the most famous club in the capital, Berghain. The annoying “CC error devil” struck while tracking contacts: the office sent the alarming information about corona cases via an open mailing list after the nocturnal pleasure.

Those affected not only learned that they could have contracted the corona virus during the wild life and that they should urgently be tested. You now also have the e-mail addresses of all the other people you have written to. They could use this to initiate further contacts, but also for sinister activities such as extortion. Because anyone who used an e-mail address with a real name can now feel out – at least initially to the recipient group.

The visitors to the warm-up event for the weekend on October 15th were probably hoping for a relaxing evening in the Lab.Oratory. The system on the ground floor of the legendary techno club, which is largely kept in the dark, is an icon of the LGBTQ world. A few years ago, Lady Gaga even celebrated a private break with the gay and lesbian community there after one of her concerts in Town.

On Fridays it is particularly relaxed there under the motto “Pimp your Weekend” without a dress code: on the establishment’s website is the name of the “Fuck 2-4-1” series: “As a start to the weekend you can also explore the lab without a special fetish. As a special bonus, every drink is available twice for the price of one all night.” Only “vaccinated or convalescent” (2G) come in. Contacts are tracked “with your personal Berghain pass”.

The worm was inside in mid-October, and corona infections developed. As a spokeswoman for the responsible district office admitted to several Berlin daily newspapers, the “CC trap” snapped shut: 120 people were informed by a non-personalized standard email that they had been at an event, on which they were exposed to an increased risk of infection with SARS-Cov-2. Instead of the “BCC” (blind copy), the addresses ended up in the CC field, which all recipients can see.

The internet is full of hot IT news and stale pr0n. In between there are always pearls that are too good for / dev / null.

The place and date of the event were mentioned in the mail. So it served as a small reminder for all addressees of the adventure they had recently embarked on. “For this we would like to apologize to the people concerned”, reads the announcement from the office. The tracking of contacts is currently becoming more and more difficult due to the increasing number of cases with extensive relaxation of the corona measures.

The official explanation goes on like this: The employees are “under a lot of pressure” – and apparently have no time to let it out themselves in Berghain. The spokeswoman said ruefully, data protection must of course still be preserved: “As a consequence, we have adapted our processes so that such an incident is no longer technically possible.”

The wrong click by the employee is likely to lead to one or two repercussions: If the recipients of an email sent via an open distribution list have not consented that their address can be recognized by the whole district, there is a data protection violation and a reportable mishap. According to reports, the Berlin data protection authority is already examining the case that has gone through the press. Such an oversight can even cost private individuals a fine of a few thousand euros.

But the problem is not the official error, but the society in which one “has to be ashamed of sex”, the queer activist Tadzio Müller used the events as an occasion for deeper criticism. For those affected, the CC thing is not that dramatic, he mused to Netzpolitik.org. In view of a widespread gay vow of silence, hardly any of them have a stimulus to spread the addresses and identities according to the motto: “I was at a fuck party – and these other people too.”


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