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AWS: Open source tool simplifies database migration away from Microsoft SQL Server

For cost and licensing reasons, many users are flirting with switching from commercial or old databases to free alternatives for their cloud applications. However, they often shy away from the time and resources required to switch. AWS has been offering support for the technical aspects of a migration of the database engines, for example with the Schema Convertion Tool or the Database Migration Service.

When creating an Aurora database, Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL can be activated at the bottom of the setup menu.

(Image: AWS)

However, there are often problems with the necessary adjustments for the applications accessing the databases, especially when switching away from Microsoft’s SQL Server. With Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL AWS has now released an open source tool with which Amazon’s PostgreSQL variant Aurora supports the Microsoft-specific protocols Tabular Data Stream (TDS) and Transact-SQL (T-SQL) can handle. A detailed example documents how to use Babelfish in the AWS blog.

AWS has now converted the tool into an open source project and published it under the Apache 2.0 and PostgreSQL license. Babelfish can currently only be read directly from the source code to install. The sources of the project can be found on GitHub.

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