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Apple loses title of the most valuable corporation in the world

Apple lost the title of the company with the highest market capitalization in the world on Friday. The iPhone maker left the Nasdaq trading day with an enterprise value of around $ 2.47 trillion. The new king of the stock market is Apple’s old rival Microsoft.

The Windows and Office company came according to information from the renowned US stock market broadcaster CNBC on Friday at the close of the market to just under $ 2.49 trillion Company value and is ahead of Apple and the Saudi oil giant Aramco as the new “Top Dog” in the public markets worldwide. The difference, however, is very thin and could therefore prove to be short-term. In addition, at least the official Nasdaq website shows Apple with nearly 2.6 trillion opposite to Microsoft with 2.489 trillion then in the lead. Why this is so initially remained unclear.

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One thing is clear: Apple had another bad trading day on Friday. The group’s shares lost a good 1.82 percent, while Microsoft shares rose 2.24 percent. Apple has had to accept setbacks in price since the announcement of its latest quarterly figures – on the first day after the analyst conference on the new values ​​by more than 3 percent.

The company had to admit that the chip crisis in Asia led to lower sales. Despite growth in all areas, according to CEO Tim Cook, the company therefore had to “leave” six billion dollars in sales that were not realized because there was a lack of equipment. In addition, the company expects the crisis to drag on into the current Christmas quarter.

Apple had always warned of such problems, but it wasn’t until the third quarter that the problems actually hit the numbers. Analyst targets were missed – highly unusual for the successful company. Microsoft also manufactures hardware such as the Xbox or Surface devices, but the business only accounts for a smaller share compared to software, which rarely has delivery problems. Apple was the first US company to have a market capitalization of over a trillion dollars in 2018, and two years later it cracked the second trillion. (bsc)

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