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“2021 Go-Developer Survey”: Shaping the future of the programming language

The Go team starts a survey among all Go developers. The 2021 Go Developer Survey is open to anyone who develops, has developed with the programming language or is generally interested in Go. The aim is to shape the future of the programming language and its ecosystem.

Interested parties can do so until November 16 on the 10-minute survey take part. The Go team has been conducting this type of survey since 2016. According to the blog post, there are some new questions this year. Who can answer which question is decided at random. In this way, those responsible want to query a wide range of topics and at the same time keep the scope of the survey compact for participants.

On November 10th spins with the betterCode () Go everything about the programming language developed by Google. The from heise developer and dpunkt.verlag The online conference is aimed at developers who want to take a closer look at Go and are considering using it.

The program starts with an introduction to Go including the Standard Library and the ecosystem, followed by contributions to Concurrency and Go Interfaces. In a two-part lecture, Go expert Frank Müller shows how developers can write web applications in Go and gives valuable tips and tricks to hand. In addition to a lecture on gRPC vs. HTTP / JSON, the betterCode () Go offers topics such as property-based testing with Go.

More information about the survey can be found in the post on the official Go blog.


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