What It Takes To Achieve Financial Freedom Through eCommerce.

We live at a time where there are more people than ever starting their own business, as the internet continues to allow millions of young people across the world to not only showcase but also sell unique products and services. That is why the eCommerce industry has grown very much in popularity. As many as 54 per cent of all purchases made by millennials are conducted online. With such a huge market to satisfy, it is becoming almost obvious why eCommerce is one of the most rewarding online investments for anyone. However, finding your way through the eCommerce world can be a daunting task. Dan Dasilva, eCommerce entrepreneur and a digital influencer who also doubles up as CEO of Impakt knows first hand what it takes to make a seven-figure income from eCommerce. 

What Financial Freedom Feels Like

Dan’s journey of success is impressive. He has received various two comma club awards, collected over $1,000,000+ from his info product funnels and launched the only Influencer Marketing Academy that teaches influencers how to sell products, making over $1.3 million in 5 days. Dan launches his flagship 100K blueprint every year and thousands enroll to learn from him. His success is as a result of working hard as well as being a visionary with big dreams as well. You, as well, can follow his footsteps and achieve great success. From selling fidget spinners, custom T-Shirts, and many trendy products on Shopify to being the first YouTuber to talk about Drop Shipping,  Dan cultivated a raving fan base of thousands of people. These fans helped him build eCom Dudes, one of the biggest eCommerce information training brands in record breaking time.

You’ve Got To Learn From The Best

Aspiring and budding online entrepreneurs want to learn more about how to make their companies work. However, the task of finding someone who can guide them through the puzzle of eCommerce and digital marketing is a tough challenge. Since the rise of online-based businesses as the next big trend in entrepreneurship, there has been an increase of people who claim to be experts in the digital marketing space. So It gets confusing and very difficult for genuine information seekers to distinguish the real experts from the pretenders and impostors.  That’s why Dan built Impakt, a platform that goes live in September 2020 on Google Play and iTunes store. The application is simple, and enables any creator to be able to create paid or free groups. Free groups for any creator to connect personally with their audience and build a close knit relationship.

Get It Right With Digital Marketing

Although the best digital marketing strategies require work and capital, they are the surefire way to bring a boost to your eCommerce business. The good thing with digital marketing is that you can use your authentic voice and brand identity to reach your audience, and no one will beat you at your own game by imitating or replicating. Make sure you establish your brand’s unique voice, story, and messaging to the target audience as this will be the defining factor that wins your customers over.

Most entrepreneurs fail to understand the importance of tried and true digital marketing techniques and eCommerce strategies whereas professionals like Dan know that these solutions make up the most potent recipe for eCommerce success. 

Embrace Customer Centricity

Dan has a passion to help creators. He is building a platform for the future to allow any creator to continue doing what they love doing and getting paid for it at the same time. The platform, Impakt, will be launched later this year in the month of September. It is expected to give the creator more control and at the same time giving their audience a closer-knit connection to them. He understands more than most people that the marketing and Public Relations world is rapidly changing and wants to make sure that you have all the tools necessary to help you stand apart from the noise. Using these simple solutions, you can manage to build a handsome six-figure business. Make a resolve to be the solution to your customer’s most frequent concerns especially with online shopping and once you have these bases covered, the sky’s the limit for you.