3 Books on World Issues That Aren’t Making Headlines, But Should

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  • April 30, 2020
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NJ Ayuk Author

Have you noticed how some topics make news headlines, and some barely get the screen time they deserve? With media channels grappling to get your attention, some issues get pushed onto the sidelines. These are matters affecting the daily livelihood of people in remote places and global economies.

Here are three books that cover those topics in considerable detail. They dive into issues about providing basic amenities, equal benefits, and value for our natural resources through informed politics. The authors of these books also dare to explore possible solutions and ideas to overcome the current world issues, adding a silver lining to your read.

Billions at Play

What creates a huge divide? One sector that’s failing to provide fair benefit to the ordinary people while creating wealth for foreign investors and select elites of Africa even today – natural resources.

Author NJ Ayuk is an American-educated, African energy lawyer, who has two decades of experience in negotiating African oil and gas deals. His knowledge of the continent’s energy landscape is exceptional.

Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals is for anyone looking to invest in creating clean energy that is cost-effective and environmentally safe. The book contains insights and methods to create jobs, promote equality, and eradicate poverty by investing in Africa’s future. Ayuk explains how this can be achieved by partnering with the U.S. and potentially putting the money back into the global economy.

If you are interested and want to learn more about the investment possibilities, Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals is available in hardcover and kindle edition on Amazon.

Clean Water for Developing Countries

Another problem impacting those living in isolated rural interiors of developing nations is extremely primal – obtaining clean drinking water.

Author John Dracup’s purpose of this book is to assist the reader in choosing the best method for providing clean water in a developing country. John is a civil engineer and hydrologist. He holds degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, and the University of California, Berkeley.

His book presents various approaches and case studies to illustrate the importance of matching needs and methods when resources are limited. It explains all the relevant factors one has to consider when providing clean and safe water to the people in remote areas. The book covers factors like community involvement, source of water, quality of the source water, size of the demand population, and the location of the people to be served.

For more insights to plan your next project, get Clean Water for Developing Countries, available in paperback, ebook, and unabridged audio download.

The Org

The other topic covered in Scott Brody’s The Org is one of the most socially relevant issues of our times – climate change.

Author Scott Brody grew up in a political household in New York. After college, he spent a few years in a political organization similar to the one fictionally described in The Org. Then, Brody moved into broadcasting. Years later, given the current political mood, he found a perfect background to write this book.

The Org is a fiction novel set in the future when the effects of the global climate crisis are leading to food shortages, extreme deteriorating weather conditions, and increasing panic. The book is centered around a charismatic cult leader, Lee Beloit, of a small political organization called EcoPartyUSA. The mysterious death of one of his followers launches him on the national stage. He uses this event to build his following and fight climate change. The book takes you on a ride through a series of unpredictable events that occur in the years leading up the campaign.

If you are craving for a great thriller with a political backdrop, The Org is available in paperback and ebook.

In an uncertain event such as the one we are faced with today, books like these make you think more responsibly about how we use our natural resources and leverage our political influences to expand the global impact and rethink how our economy works.