5 Ways BarxBuddy Will Help Your Dog Remain Calm and Quiet

Like humans, dogs each have an individual personality. From high-energy, low-energy and every pup in between, knowing your dog’s personality is one of the most important factors of successful training. It’s through this understanding that you can cater your dog’s training to their personality. That’s because every dog, like every human, learns differently and it’s important to work with their personality in a positive way to train behaviors. However, it’s still important to know how to catch your dog’s attention to begin your training no matter the distractions.

That’s where the BarxBuddy dog training device comes in! BarxBuddy is a handheld device that uses ultrasonic waves to capture your dog’s attention and facilitate your training process. It’s with this innovative technology that BarxBuddy knows that their product will help both you and your pup! Here are 5 ways BarxBuddy will help your dog remain calm and quiet.


Many hesitate at the idea of using a device to train their dogs. That can be attributed to many reasons. One of which is that dog training devices, like shock collars, have received a bad reputation of being unsafe. The BarxBuddy dog training device stands apart from other training devices as it’s safe enough to use on pups! BarxBuddy maintains its reputation as a safe option by using ultrasonic waves to capture your dog’s attention for training purposes rather than a shock, buzz, or the like.


Some dog owners who have used training devices in the past might question the device’s effectiveness due to it not using any direct physical stimulus. On the contrary, BarxBuddy is a proven effective tool that uses sound to take your dog’s attention from the distraction right back to you. This is because the sounds that BarxBuddy’s emits is rarely heard in nature and your dog will naturally look towards the source – you! Once you have the attention of your pup, training can be established.

Easy To Use

Using BarxBuddy is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Lightweight, simple, and portable, BarxBuddy can be taken on walks, used in the home, or in a full training session easily. BarxBuddy is a small device with a simple button system to emit sound (or light!). While many might hesitate at training a dog without professional help, the BarxBuddy dog training device allows anyone the platform to do so easily without spending an exuberant amount on a professional. 

Multiple Methods

While BarxBuddy relies on sound primarily, every dog learns differently. BarxBuddy’s small device has a built-in light as a secondary aspect to capture your pup’s attention. In the case that your dog doesn’t respond to sound or needs more assistance in training, this light serves as a great back up! 

Platform for Positive Reinforcement

Ask a professional animal trainer the best way to train a dog and they will almost always say positive reinforcement. Why is that? Positive Reinforcement establishes the best long-term training while also keeping a strong relationship between you as the owner and the animal. One of the most difficult parts of training is grabbing and keeping your anima’s attention. That can be more difficult in a scenario where there are a lot of distractions. That’s why BarxBuddy’s ability to capture your dog’s attention with the help of a high-frequency sound is of huge importance!

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