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Samuel Leach Trading Program Comes to Earl’s Court

Samuel Leach is no stranger to educating aspiring traders. His company Samuel & Co Trading was founded as a training program to teach the next generation of foreign exchange (Forex) and algorithm traders. The company offers in-house and online courses that provide as many opportunities as possible to learn how to trade the financial markets. As of 2018, Samuel & Co Trading had taught over 1500 people from 64 different countries.

On March 3rd, 2020, the ILEC Conference Center in the Earl’s Court district of London hosted a live trading event by Samuel & Co Trading. Company Director Samuel Leach conducted the trading of a £250,000 account via a live, front stage educational display.

Along with the real-time account trading, Leach and his team covered educational topics on the world of trade. For those looking to garner greater skills and higher knowledge, the event offered them invaluable insight into how trading professionals become — and stay — successful. Other speakers from Samuel & Co Trading included Chief Operating Officer Elliot Gunn, Mindset Coach Adrian Leach, and Head Training Coach Atish Patel.

“Our [Forex] live trading events have really kicked off with huge demand, selling out really, really quick,” said Leach. “At this event, we get loads of traders under one roof and we trade throughout the entire day, together with whilst we have our educational speakers, coaches [and] mindset coach coming in and assisting everyone in the audience of how to be a better, more profitable, more consistent trader.”

Despite its far-reaching impact, Samuel & Co Trading’s origins were most humble. Leach started the company with two other partners in his mother’s living room back in 2012. By 2018, just four years later, Samuel & Co Trading had grown to 60 full-time staff members, spread out over the cities of Watford and Madrid.

Leach summarizes his success with an analogy. Paraphrasing Dr. Abraham Twerski’s “lobster analogy”, Leach says, “Lobsters only grow when under huge amounts of pressure and, likewise, business leaders should grow by embracing uncomfortable situations and use them to propel themselves forward.”

Leach has taken this growth and shared it with aspiring traders now. The ILEC Conference Center event in Earl’s Court is just one of an increasing number of such events hosted by Samuel & Co Trading. The company’s Junior Trading Programme has garnered more and more attention for its in-depth crash course education on stocks and shares, Forex, and other means of trading.

Leach makes sure to prioritize the communal bond shared by traders. He sees the trading events as annual opportunities to bring traders together, a rare, valuable moment for many in a profession which often necessitates plenty of sitting at home, conducting trades in isolation. “This is one of those times, the one event of the year where we can bring everyone together and socialize with like-minded people,” says Leach.

The event also allows a variety of traders the opportunity to share insights and growth stories, from individual traders to professional traders and even retail traders.

A key component, and perhaps a surprising one, of the Junior Trading Programme, is that should a trainee display excellence and consistency in the program, that trainee has the chance to receive up to £200,000 — real money — to conduct his or her own trading. Head Training Coach Atish Patel completed this exact training himself and has ascended to the role of instructor.

“A key turning point in my progression was when I stopped trying to be good and just tried not to be bad,” Patel explained to the audience.

But no ascension compares to Samuel Leach. While attending university, the now-company Director was able to amass £250,000 from trading alone. The company’s trading programs aim to share Leach’s own trading techniques and systems; techniques and systems designed to generate consistent returns for traders.

From the outset of the program, Samuel & Co Trading dedicates time to challenging hazardous misconceptions surrounding the world of trading. The offices of Samuel & Co Trading are devoid of any Hollywood-esque dramatic fireworks. One will find no shouting into headset telephones, no fists thundering against desks, and certainly none of the (mis)behaviors seen in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. As Patel emphasizes, traders, in order to stay successful, do best when emotionally detached from trading. Diversification of income, he says, should be the focus of anyone starting out in the trade industry. Samuel & Co Trading discourages risky practices such as “overtrading” or chasing lost trades (known in the industry as “revenge trading”).

After challenging trading misconceptions, Samuel & Co Trading directly confronts where those risky behaviors stem from. Mind Coach Adrian Leach, Samuel’s father, is quick to point out that learning to overcome a loss goes beyond mere finance — it is a measure of psychological health. Two days of the Junior Training Programme’s five-day course are devoted to discussing and dealing with participants’ mental weaknesses. Honesty is important for successful, but also sustainable, trading. The key to consistency (itself the key to successful trading) is the ability to manage psychological problems.

Samuel Leach has taken his knowledge and expertise in the trading field and grown one of the most successful and important companies in that field. From his humble beginnings as a private bank trader to company founder and director, Leach’s knowledge is quickly passing onto aspiring traders around the world.

Samuel & Co Trading further announced the coming launch of their Cluster 2.0 algorithm tool at the March 3rd event, set for release on the company website at the end of March. On his YouTube Channel, Leach also personally announced the coming launch of the Series 2 Forex Trader this April.


Since 2012, Samuel Leach has sought to pass on his knowledge of trading. Today, his company Samuel & Co Trading trains thousands of aspiring traders in stocks, shares, foreign exchange, and algorithm trading across 64 countries around the globe. Leach and his team of financial experts and professionals share a common goal: to help as many people as possible to achieve the level of wealth they believe is possible via trading the financial markets.

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