Find Out Now, Ditch the Wires, Get Lightning Fast MAGFAST Charging

The MAGFAST family of chargers is a growing trend today, a complete solution to messy, wire-laden options. For the longest time, there’s been an outcry for frustration-free charging, but until now, it was only an idea. A multipurpose resource; this powerful universal charging kit meets every need, whether traveling by sea, air, car, foot or just chilling at home. Now, there’s a MAGFAST charger for every situation, that works independently or with any compatible mobile device.

Meeting Cleaner Charging Needs

So, while having different chargers when the situation calls for it, appears convenient, it’s a lot of clutter to carry around. Although the micro-USB is quite the utilitarian when charging various small mobile devices, from Nokia to iPhone to Blackberry to Samsung – it’s not the most efficient. Today, there is an alternative that addresses all consumer pain points. Finally, a multifunctional, extremely fast, and efficient charging solution that is not suffocating.

What To Love About These High-end Chargers?

Well, it’s incredible on various levels, but its most desirable attributes are multi-compatibility, portability, magnetic field stability, and rapid charging. Imagine the disappointment of buying an aftermarket charger for a brand name smart device and finding out it’s not compatible. That is some hard-earned dollars, time, and patience wasted, especially if it is a case of multiple purchases. This family of chargers has the technology, structural integrity, and charging compatibility intelligence; that allows them to adapt to different circuitry environments.

Then there’s the benefit of it being the ideal on-the-go companion because of its compact design. Also, it fits nicely into any small compartments, which makes it an exceptional carry-a-long charging system, no matter the occasion. These accessories have a rapid charging feature that allows users to recharge their connected devices faster. The charging speeds vary depending on the technology. With magnetic field technology, consumers need not worry about any sudden movements periodically disconnecting or interrupting the charging cord.

An Exclusive Charging Experience

MAGFAST offers six innovative wireless chargers, including its signature RoadCharger, WallCharger, LifeCharger, AirCharger, LifeCharger Extreme, and the Apple Watch-compliant TimeCharger. The WallCharger bundle comes complete with a versatile multi-compatible charging station; and easily collapsible, interchangeable adapter prongs for convenient storage. Also, it features two USB connectivity ports for those who need it.

The LifeCharger answers everyday portability needs when on the go. It’s a user-friendly, energy-efficient power bank that can charge smartphones multiple times. Its lightweight, compact size is perfect for everyday use. A faster, more powerful version to its precursor, the LifeCharger Extreme packs a 27,000 mAh battery. It has enough horsepower to jumpstart a car when paired with the optional battery jumper cables. Having the RoadCharger for the car takes the stress out of charging multiple devices in the vehicle simultaneously. It’s the right accessory to have when going on family-oriented road trips. It has four USB ports to charge smart devices when the need arises.

Got an AppleWatch? The TimeCharger is a convertible power bank with a convenient, adaptable charging platform; that can keep an AppleWatch charged for about two weeks. Lastly, MAGFAST offers its wireless AirCharger, a standalone design that uses USB connectivity as its primary energy source. Also, this sophisticated MAGFAST charger has multifunctional capabilities when paired with the WallCharger or power banks of the same family. With this, it is possible to use the charger in the office or kitchen.

Meet Seymour Segnit The Genius Behind MAGFAST Charger Culture

A prolific internet marketing influencer, innovator, top executive, and founder of the world’s fastest wireless mobile chargers; Seymour Segnit, commands a coveted skill set. He founded the startup back in 2017. Today, he assumes a pivotal role as CEO of MAGFAST charger. With expertise in innovative product development and crowdfunding, Segnit and his team led a successful campaign; for the invention of his remarkable charging technology. The campaign generated over $300,000 for financing the project in 2017. By Summer/Fall 2018, his charger systems were on the market. As someone who values philanthropy, Segnit never misses an opportunity to make meaningful contributions to society. So, he’s helping the environment thrive by planting one tree for every charging unit sold.