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MAGFAST: The Company That Is Revolutionizing Charging

Using chargers is something that most people have to do every day. However, despite the fact that chargers are used so frequently, many people deal with issues such as slow charges, tangled wires, not being able to see on the charger how charged their phone is, and other concerns. For the last few years, one man has been on a mission to fix these issues and make charging much more convenient and effective. This man is Seymour Segnit, CEO of MAGFAST.

Before Segnit got into the world of chargers, he spent decades in the advertising industry. During this time, he worked as an executive at Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather. He was also a cofounder of several million-dollar startups and worked as an on-air personality at London’s famous Capital FM. Through this decades-long journey as an entrepreneur and advertising executive, Segnit developed many admirers of his work. The most notable of his admirers was Sir Richard Branson, who called one of Segnit’s advertising campaigns “the greatest product launch, [he’d] ever seen.” 

Since his days working as an advertising executive, Segnit has transitioned to the charger industry. He is bringing all of the same skill, energy, and passion to this industry that he brought to his previous work. Segnit now operates out of New York with his team. The MAGFAST team is thrilled to announce that it is launching two more innovative products in an effort to revolutionize charging.

The first new product that MAGFAST is launching is LEDelicious. LEDelicious is a brand new way to see the charging status of various devices. With this new product, you will be able to see how charged your device is in a matter of seconds. The world has never seen any charger with this feature. Segnit confirmed this by going to China to discuss this innovation with engineers and manufacturers.

Speaking about LEDelicious, Segnit said that “no other company seems to care about the details in this kind of way.” The vast majority of chargers do not have LEDs on them at all. If they do, there is only a small number of lights. Also, these lights do not indicate how charged the device is. LEDelicious, on the other hand, has a gorgeous display that lets the user know how charged the battery is.

With LEDelicious, when a user wants to know how charged their device is, all they have to do is press the power button on their charger, and MAGFAST will display glowing white LED lights to tell them how charged their device is.

MAGFAST’s LED system is designed to let you know exactly how charged your device is while also providing a stunning display that will enhance the beauty of the surrounding room. With LEDelicious, charging is no longer just about charging; it is also about digital beauty. The people who have seen LEDelicious so far have been highly impressed by it.

In addition to LEDelicious, MAGFAST has also come out with MAGFAST Extreme. The new MAGFAST Extreme is a powerhouse of a charger with a gigantic battery. This makes it possible to charge it with any USB-C cable, Qi wireless charger, or Micro-USB cable. Additionally, it clips on to other MAGFAST charging devices, so you can charge it this way too. With MAGFAST Extreme, you can charge your devices in seven different ways. You can even charge your devices in the car with MAGFAST Extreme. This makes it a great choice for frequent travelers or anyone who just needs a charge on the run.

Changes have also been made to the MAGFAST Wall model. This model now has double power and is part of the Pro kit. It will include support for USB-C, which is quickly becoming the new standard for wired charging. There is also a new technology called GAN, which has made it possible to dramatically improve the MAGFAST Wall model and meet the high-power consumption needs of USB-C.

This upgrade may seem minor. However, it represents the bulk of the challenges that the MAGFAST charger project is currently facing. To support USB-C, there were only two options: increase the size of MAGFAST Wall or create a new solution. If the company went with making its Wall product longer, it would have had to boost the size of all of its packaging by 23 percent. This would have ruined its goal of making the packaging neat, simple, and small.

Segnit is extremely optimistic that MAGFAST will be able to innovate as much as is necessary to keep the MAGFAST packaging vision intact while making the required upgrades to the products. He knows that he and his team will soon have all of the solutions to make charging simple, fast, sustainable, and straightforward.

Learn more about MAGFAST here: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/magfast-family/

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