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Most Captivating Headlines around Holidays According to Talkspace

Mostly, holidays are considered as connecting as well as renewal time for friends or families. However, the holidays could also turn into a time of disclosing the most impactful events and activities. When Talkspace coworkers were asked about the most triggering things in the holidays, the responses to the poll was impressive. The holidays have the potential of turning things up, as well as involve dangers lurking and different pitfalls.

The List of the triggering Headlines

1. Political Debate

According to Talkspace, political tension significantly spiked even between the unexpected groups like family and friends after the 2016 elections. Americans see the future of their country as a source of stress, while nearly sixty- two percent of people find the present political climate already stressing according to a survey by APA stress in America. With the high figures of people stressed about the future of the United States, it’s evident that political trends will continue to rise.

The majority of the voters ranging from eighteen to forty-four years voted in favor of Clinton, while older people of forty-five and above chose Trump according to reports of CNN. As a result, the difference between the probability of the young and old generation of intra-generation disagreement is high. Therefore, the holidays may experience uncomfortable clashes in events, family, and friends with different beliefs come together?

2. Family Judgment

The dispute is not the only thing to fear when you have different beliefs. Expect to be judged even by close people. The Talkspace reviews highlighted several topics of the expected and most experienced judgment. The headlines include

• The choice of a partner could be a case of a judgment. You cannot imagine the problem LGBTQ feels if people of sexual orientation still fell challenged. The person from such a group may find it difficult to take his or her partner home.

• The issue of getting a family could turn out as a course of judgment. For example, the queries that most people fear to be asked are when to get married, the time to get kids. In spite of the fact that the questions could be asked with no hurting intentions, the people who have no business in such topics could find the headlines a stressing factor.

• Career support from family may be another reason for judgment. When you come together, you could be questioned about your career on issues related to whether you have plans to further your studies, intention of changing career path, or whether you have been promoted. Such matters could trigger stress anxiety and judgmental discussions.

3. Past Problems with Friends as well as Family

The difference in relationships, topics of discussion is among some causes of conflicts that are experienced in nearly all families. Mark you, family dynamics are always complicated. Thus, while people are together during the holiday, such topics could arise again. Several aspects are involved in the conflict, including disapproval of life choice ranging from values, career, and even lifestyle. Furthermore, the splitting period between parents could become another stress factor. As a result, kids face a tough time trying to please both divorced parents.

4. Hometown Return

Failing to return and returning home poses triggers. According to Talkspace reviews, nostalgia, as well as a sense of comfort, is felt with homes. However, to other people, homes remind pain, passed family members as well as hard-times. According to Wendy Wisner, many people are in similar places with their families or the points they have been before. Popular cultures, media, and movies bring romance to a holiday and display what their holidays should be like. However, according to Wendy, people are stuck in the same room sharing meals. The situation triggers panic and stress.

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