Business - November 26, 2019

U.S. Money Reserve Steps Up its Game in Honor of “Great War” Veterans

During World War I, many Americans paid the ultimate price to ensure our country’s continued freedom. These veterans deserve a lot of recognition for the noble work that they did and their sacrifice for the country. For this reason, U.S. Money Reserve has partnered with the Natal Aviation Museum Foundation to remember these heroes for their exceptional contribution to the country’s liberty. This event will take place on Veterans Day (November 11).

U.S. Money Reserve has been very instrumental in guiding its clients about prudent holdings in precious metals. The company is one of the largest private distributors of government-issued coins in the U.S. Based in Texas, the company exudes confidence in its operations, which is an excellent sign to its clients. Currently, the company serves more than 500,000 clients and buyers in the U.S. who have a significant interest in precious coins. For the two decades that the company has been in operation, it has strived to provide top-shelf services to its clients. This has enhanced the level of trust that buyers have in the organization. U.S. Money Reserve helps its clients identify the most exceptional and best-performing precious gold, silver, and platinum coins on the market. This ensures that buyers are able to select the appropriate quality metals to boost their portfolios.

During this great event, U.S. Money Reserve has prepared an exhibition, which will take place in Pensacola, Florida, at the National Naval Aviation Museum. The company has prepared five coins that it will be launching. This will be an honor to veterans and an effort to celebrate the massive sacrifices that they made on behalf of the country. Angela Roberts, the chief executive officer of U.S. Money Reserve, says that she is very grateful for the cooperation of the National Naval Aviation Museum in making the event a success.

In the future, U.S. Money Reserve will host more events alongside the National Naval Aviation Museum. This will enhance the relationship between the two organizations. On the other hand, the president of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, retired Marine Lieutenant General Duane Thiessen, stated that the foundation could not be more grateful for the exhibit. According to Thiessen, more of such events would enable the country to pay tribute to the great men and women who served the country. They would also help honor the powerful history of the U.S. and the ultimate sacrifice made by veterans.

Since its foundation, the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation has been focal in facilitating the daily operations of the National Naval Aviation Museum. The non-profit organization raises funds to cater to the financial obligations of the museum, such as staffing, marketing, and other operational costs.

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