Lifestyle - October 4, 2019

Music Therapy Is Effective, Study Recommends

Imagine… time of dawn… amidst the chirping of birds and the sweet rustling of the wind, you are also meditating in the garden, concentrating on your breath… it is definitely a pleasant feeling . This is definitely the power of music. It has been said that music is a medium to express emotions with sweetness that directly touches the soul. Music has always been linked to mental health. Music can make a person happy, sad or stressed. Hence, it is no wonder that music has been used as an ointment since ancient times. Even Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used music therapy in various diseases. Science and technology evolved over time, and today humans have strong evidence that music can work as an effective drug.

Music is actually a series of different vibrations that create the sound. Since the body accepts these vibrations, it also leads to many physical changes. These changes can be good or bad depending on the type of music. While quiet music reduces stress and increases the ability to fight illnesses, more noisy music makes people angry and produces suicidal thoughts. Although the effect of music on the body is still being studied. A research was conducted at Beth Israel Medical Center’s Lewis Armstrong Center of Music and Medicine to understand the impact of music. It included 272 pre-mature newborns of 32 weeks. Scientists found that when these newborns heard music (song or instrumental) in any form, their heart rate slowed down. In this too, the song lyrics music was more effective. This also increased the habit of keeping the children calm but alert. According to the author of the same study, Jonan Lowy, music therapy has also reduced parental stress.

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